Finally, beautiful skin I love to be in!

I have always struggled with skin problems. Not  severe. Small, but still irritating inconveniences. A pimple here, a pockmark there, blackheads on my nose, and uneven skin tones. I’m brown skinned, which makes me more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation. I have tried to treat it in many different ways. I’ve used scrubs, bleaching creams, lotions, and others things to no avail. Last year I decided on trying to make my own natural products. I originally started out halfheartedly, throwing in some activated charcoal powder, oatmeal, cocoa butter, and some other ingredients. My family and I started using the soaps and, to our surprise our skin began to clear! My cellulite started smoothing over and everything! And I have been making soap and using my own products ever since.

I get to regulate everything that I put on my body without fear of chemicals or other harmful substances. If you can’t put it in your body than you shouldn’t put it on your body, I always say. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. I don’t use any products but my own. I even make my own lotions, which will soon appear on my website. Stay tuned for more exciting products to try.